Displays to
present wall panels

We prepared displays for wall panels that fulfill the most important tasks for this type of equipment. First of all the displays are functional and allow you an easy way to present the offered panels.

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Displays to 
present wall panels

Displays for
clothing stores

Solutions prepared in terms of both functionality and impressive appearance attract attention of customers and set up the atmosphere and climate of the object

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Displays for 
clothing stores
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Metal Works
ul. Sławieńska 8a
tel. + 48 517 960 464
tel. +48 59 857 73 40,
fax: +48 59 857 72 45,

About our Company


The trade brand of Metal Works® is recognized by customers in the European market for over 30 years. Metal Works is well known mainly as a designer and producer of the displays for the presentation of ceramic tiles. All products are made according to a patented Metal Works know-how and technology.

We produce:

  • wide range of displays for the presentation of ceramic tiles
  • wide range of stands for the presentation of other building materials, i.e. parquets, other  floor materials (e.g. carpeting)
  • wide range of stands for the presentation of ceramics and fittings
  • modern stands and furniture for clothing shops
  • individually designed displays

We provide following services:

  • designing and equipping exhibition booths
  • transport and assembly
  • powder painting services
  • sandblasting services

We guarantee:

  • the highest standard of our products
  • convenience and reliability of exploitation
  • durability – a two-year guarantee
  • modern design

We assure:

  • individual approach do our client’s needs
  • products made with the awareness of the client’s design and style
  • packaging and preparation for the shipment
  • delivery on time
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